2023 Events




July 26th       Hookers & Slicers (10 a.m.)

Aug. 4th         Potowatomi Community Center (10 a.m.)

Aug. 5th        Branch Family (9 a.m.)

Aug. 5th       Crandon Hacker  (Noon Shotgun Start)

Aug 9th        Board Meeting (6 p.m.)

Aug. 19th     First Round Club Tournament

Aug. 20st      NCC Club Tournament

Aug. 25th     Potowatomi V.I.P.’s (10 a.m.)

Aug. 26th    NCC Annual Fundraiser

Aug 30th     Clinton Berry Racing (9 a.m. and 2 p.m.)

Sept 1-4       Labor Day Weekend

Sept 5th       Fall Rates Begin

Sept. 5th      Lake Lucerne golf outing 1:30

Sept 9th       Trump Lake / Roberts Lake Golf Outing  (1 p.m.)

Sept. 11th     Tavern League golf outing 11:00

Sept. 12th    Veterans Golf Outing

Sept 13th     Board Meeting (6 p.m.)

Sept. 22nd   Mole Lake “Little Cheese” (1 p.m.)

Oct 18th      Board Meeting (6 p.m.)

Nov 8th       Final Board Meeting of 2023 (6 p.m.)



Nicolet Country Club
5245 Fairway Court
Laona, WI 54541
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